Release Notes

ZapWorks Studio automatically downloads updates to ensure you're using the latest and greatest version.

Studio 6.5 (April 2019)

  • Support for world tracking, along with example projects and subsymbols
  • Fancy updated scripting editor
  • Blank symbols can now switch between flat and upright using the 3D view burger menu
  • 3D view shows a skybox by default to make view movement easier to rationalize with your eyes
  • Restored ‘Pan’ view navigation option
  • View navigation tools can be hidden from the 3D view burger menu
  • View navigation tools now never hide behind content, even if it’s renderSorted
  • Option in 3D view burger menu for inverting scroll direction for zoom
  • Targets defined in subsymbols can be seen and moved in the 3D view from parent symbols
  • Improvements to the Analyse Final Download Size window

Studio 6.0 (February 2019)

  • Face tracking support
  • Sketchfab integration
  • Support for GLTF 3D models
  • New viewport navigation, including WASD
  • Direct object selection from within the viewport
  • A ton of new examples, templates and subsymbols, including:
    • Head mask (for masking the back of 3D models in face tracking experiences)
    • Gravity Light (a directional light that always shines from above the user)
    • Gravity Environment Light (an environment light inside an AttitudeOrient)
  • Multi-window support
  • Number input boxes (e.g. in the properties table) will work out simple maths expressions for you and set the result as their value
  • New and improved color picker
  • Flat/upright is now a target setting (right click on target images in the media files panel then properties to change)
  • Menus are easier to use and styled nicer
  • Revamped ZapWorks integration including:
    • Much better support for accounts with tons of zapcodes
    • Better sign-in window that helps on slow/dodgy network connections
    • Projects remember which code they've been published to
  • Automatic commits during preview and publish
  • Commit History window has option to filter our automatic commits
  • Freshened UI in many modal windows
  • Ability to change the background color
  • Ability to show separate notes when a symbol is imported or modified
  • Ability to write notes using Markdown
  • TypeScript definitions (aka auto-complete and no casting needed) for:
    • Z.FaceFinder
    • Z.VideoRecorder
    • Z.Flashlight
  • Most nodes have cullFaces set to 'inherit' when newly created in the Hierarchy
  • New cullFaces setting 'auto_back' and 'auto_front' work as expected even in front-facing face tracking
  • A plethora of other little bits and pieces!

July 2018

  • Better optimization of transparent images
  • More properties for image media files
  • New 'On First Seen' action event and 'Enter Headset Mode' action
  • Text nodes default to being horizontally and vertically centered
  • A number of bug fixes and improvements

June 2018

  • Support for dynamic lighting
  • Improved 3D model import with preview and better file format support
  • ‘Actions’ - a new script-free way to add interactivity
  • Fancy new ZapBox support (as a new ZapBox Tracker node)
  • Improved Hierarchy tree makes it easier to drag, drop and reorganize nodes
  • The Media Library is now grouped by file type to make it super fast to find the item you're looking for
  • A selection of new example projects and templates
  • Ability to choose a default interpolation type for timeline transitions (checkout burger menu on timeline view)
  • Choose whether or not to create transitions to the left or right when creating keyframes (checkout burger menu on timeline view)
  • Project and symbol templates updated with modern TypeScript (const / let / arrow functions)
  • TypeScript 2.4.2
  • A ton of other bug fixes and improvements

November 2017

This version of Studio is a substantial update that needs to be downloaded fresh from the Studio download page.

  • Fancy new UI that's easier to use
  • Quick search for nodes, controllers, states, timelines and symbol definitions using ⌘+K / Ctrl+K
  • Support for retina and high-DPI screens
  • Improved webcam support on Windows
  • Improved debugging tools in Zappar for Desktop
  • 3D model attachment points: place Studio objects/nodes at salient points of a 3D model, e.g. in a character's hand
  • Improved preview/publish shows upload progress and respects operating system proxy settings
  • Include recent devices in screen simulation options
  • Scripts use TypeScript 2.1
  • A host of other bug fixes and improvements

February 2017

  • Improved script templates
  • Font atlas generation de-duplicates characters
  • Fixed Studio crash on MacOS running on Intel Nehalem-based CPUs
  • Fixed issue using TriggerRegion on Windows
  • Fixed Z.Camera space on Windows
  • Fixed bug when attempting to import unsupported OTF fonts
  • Improved FBX model import

November 2016

June 2016

  • Support for the HeadsetManager node
  • Support for the GravityBillboard node
  • Support for targets' defaultScale and useGyro parameters (see Tracking in Headsets)
  • A number of bug fixes and improvements

May 2016

  • Renamed from Zappar Studio to ZapWorks Studio
  • Scripts replace Events
  • Events and Scripts now compiled using TypeScript 1.7.3
  • Timeline labels
  • Automatically scale images to correct aspect ratio when dragged into Hierarchy
  • Support for the Raycaster node
  • Subsymbol Attachment Points
  • More Z.screen zoom options in 3D view properties
  • Improved Bezier curve editing tools
  • Undo/redo for Media Library operations
  • Improved performance of ZPP export/import
  • Preview for timeline block interpolation types

November 2015

  • More examples and project templates
  • Integration with
  • Ability to tag nodes
  • Improved color picker
  • Better keyboard support and shortcuts
  • Tools for renaming and deleting projects
  • A plethora of other user interface improvements and bug fixes

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