The Z.Calendar object is used to add calendar events to the user's calendar. When the add(...) function is called the user is presented with an OS-provided dialog box for customizing the event before choosing to save it to their calendar or discard it.

This object is accessed using a global instance at Z.calendar.

The add(...) page has examples of adding events to the calendar.

Z.Calendar uses JavaScript's standard Date object for representing dates and times. This Date object, somewhat bizarrely, uses zero-based numbers for months - i.e. January is 0, February is 1, etc. For more information see the Mozilla Developer Network Date article.

Provided by Z.Calendar


Frequency Indicates how regularly a recurring event occurs.
Month The months of the year.
WeekDay The days of the week.


add(...) Displays a dialog that allows the user to add an entry to their calendar.


Entry An event entry to add to the calendar.
EntryRecurrence A set of options surrounding the recurrence of an event.
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