Supported 3D Formats


Supported 3D Formats

Zappar supports 3D models in the following formats:

  • POD
  • FBX
  • OBJ

POD is a format developed by Imagination Technologies who are also responsible for the PowerVR graphics cores used in many mobile devices.

POD file exporters and converters are available directly from Imagination as part of their free PowerVR Tools and SDK package. The setup program offers to install a large selection of components - only the PVRGeoPOD and PVRShaman tools are required for exporting, converting and viewing POD files.

See the documentation that comes with the PowerVR Tools for instructions on installing and using the POD export tools. In particular, we recommend the Plugin options for Maya, 3DS Max, and Blender which are outlined in the User Manual.

FBX and OBJ files are also supported but do have a wider margin of error so it's important to follow the guidelines mentioned in our Features and Limitations section.

OBJ files do not support animations.

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