Types of Tracking

ZapWorks Studio supports a number of different targets to track your content to, allowing you to build world, face, image, and Zapbox tracked experiences, all using the same tool.

World Tracking

Studio can anchor content to the user's world for larger-scale AR experiences.

Please check out the World Tracking article to find out more.

Face Tracking

Face tracking allows you to position content relative to a user's face, and create face paint overlays.

You can find out how to set up face tracking, how to create face paints, and how to set up events based on facial expressions over on the Face Tracking article from the Getting Started guide.

Image Tracking

With Studio's image tracking support, you can also track content relative to a target image.

For more information on creating image-tracked experiences take a look at the Image Tracking article from the Getting Started guide.

ZapBox Tracking

With ZapWorks Studio you can also create experiences for our mixed-reality (MR) kit, ZapBox, by tracking content to a map defined by point codes while allowing for user interaction with the ZapBox controllers.

More information on building ZapBox experiences can be found in the ZapBox section of the documentation.

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