Face Tracking Expression Trigger

This example project plays an animation based on a face movement, using Actions.

You can find this example project within the New Project modal in ZapWorks Studio.

Scan the zapcode below to preview the experience.

Editing the project

Follow the steps below to customize the template:

When launched the experience is changed to the front-facing camera. To edit this, select the root node in the Hierarchy and change or remove the 'on show' action.

Follow the steps below to customize the template:

  1. Delete the 3D Text node from the Hierarchy in the Mouth Center group.
  2. Delete the 3D Text subsymbol from the symbol definitions.

Delete the 3D Text node from Hierarchy
Delete the 3D Text node from Symbol Definitions

  1. Import your 3D model into ZapWorks Studio.
  2. Drag the resulting symbol into the desired face group node in the Hierarchy.

Right clicking on the Face Group node in the Hierarchy allows many more attachment point locations to be added to the face! An article explaining the different attachment point positions can be found here - Face Tracking.

Attachment points on the Face Group.

  1. Add animations to the 3D model using the existing Timeline, under the Timeline Controller. A more detailed step-by-step can be found here: Setting up a timeline in the parent symbol.
  2. To modify the face movement trigger, select on the Face Group in the Hierarchy and Click on the + to add an action.
  3. Select the face movement that will activate the Play Timeline action.

Play timeline action.

  1. Add the Timeline Controller and the Timeline to the action properties.
  2. Preview the experience and see the animation trigger by your facial expression!
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