ZapBox Overview

ZapBox is our affordable MR (Mixed Reality) kit that allows developers to build room-scale experiences anchored to the real world.

You can purchase a ZapBox kit through the official ZapBox website.

The Kit

ZapBox comes complete with:

  • A cardboard headset - Inspired by Google Cardboard that you place your smartphone into, with a head-strap so your hands are free to interact with the content.
  • Pointcodes - Markers you attach to walls, floors or tables that enable the ZapBox app to work out your position and understand the surfaces in your room.
  • Cardboard controllers - Two controllers which can be tracked in full 3D space when visible to the camera.
  • Lens adapter - That increases the field of view of your smartphone's camera, dramatically improving the immersion and impact of ZapBox experiences.

The App

While other content created using ZapWorks Studio is experienced using the Zappar app, ZapBox content is served through the ZapBox app.

Next Steps

To start developing your own content for ZapBox in Studio take look at ZapBox Tracking.

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