Inherits from Z.Base


A FaceFinder searches for faces in the camera feed.

Once a face has been detected by a FaceFinder, a FaceInstance is created.

Provided by Z.FaceFinder


Z.FaceFinder( ) Constructs a new Z.FaceFinder object.


newinstance Emitted when the FaceFinder has found a new instance of a face.


trackingEnabled( ) Gets whether tracking is enabled on this FaceFinder.
trackingEnabled(...) Sets whether to enable tracking on this FaceFinder.

Inherited from Z.Base


emit(...) Calls the handler functions attached to an event.
hasTag(...) Returns true if this object has the specified tag.
off(...) Removes a handler function from an event.
on(...) Attaches a handler function to an event.
one(...) Attaches a single-use handler function to an event.
pushTag(...) Adds a tag to this object.
removeTag(...) Removes a tag from this object.
tags( ) Gets an array of the tags that this object belongs to.
tags(...) Sets the array of the tags that this object belongs to.
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