Importing and Exporting

ZapWorks Studio makes it easy to import and export both projects and subsymbols for sharing with other users.

All files exported from ZapWorks Studio, whether they be entire projects or individual subsymbols, use the .zpp file extension.


Exporting a Project

To export a project, have the root symbol opened, select 'Export' from the project toolbar and choose if you would like to commit your work before continuing. For more information on the root symbol see the Subsymbol Overview article.

With the 'Whole Project' set to be exported, click 'Export as .zpp' and choose your save location.

Before exporting there is an additional checkbox for including the commit history, for more information on committing and commit history see the Commiting and Commit History article.

Importing a Project

To import a project into ZapWorks Studio, select 'Import Project' from the Welcome Screen and choose the .zpp project file you wish to import. Once named, click 'OK' to import and open it.

Additionally, you can import a project at any time by clicking on "Open..." in the ZapWorks' menu, selecting 'Import a zpp file' and following the same steps.


Exporting a Subsymbol

To export a subsymbol, open the subsymbol in question and select 'Export' from the project toolbar.

After choosing to commit or not, make sure 'This symbol (and its children)' is selected, choose to include commit history if wanted and then click 'Export as .zpp' and choose your save location.

Importing a Subsymbol

To import a subsymbol you can either drag a .zpp file into the Symbol Definitions panel or select the import button from the top of the Symbol Definitions panel and select a .zpp file from your computer.

Once imported the subsymbol will appear within the Symbol Definitions panel.

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