Image Properties

Images imported into ZapWorks Studio can be edited to modify their quality and resolution.

You can access an image's properties by right-clicking on the file in the Media Library and selecting 'Properties'.


Property Description
Format The image file format.
Original Dimensions The pixel resolution of the original image file.
Quality The compression applied to the image.
Resized Width The current width of the image in pixels.
Resized Height The current height of the image in pixels.

Best Practices

The quality of an image will effect its file size and therefore the size of the completed project. A larger project file size will result in a longer download time.

The resolution of an image will effect its size in memory. A larger resolution will take up more memory which can cause reduced performance and perhaps even crashes.

Try to keep both settings as low as possible without sacrificing the overall appearance of the image.

Resized width and height must both be multiples of two.

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