Grab and Go

This example builds upon the Image Tracking example to demonstrate Grab-and-Go. This is when content jumps up onto the device screen when the target leaves the camera view rather than just fading out.

You can find this example project within the New Project modal in ZapWorks Studio.

The Project

In the Hierarchy the augmented content has been moved out the target node to a separate group called 'content'. The 'content' groups 'relativeTo' property has two values - the target node 'Restaurant_Flyer.jpeg.zpt0', and 'screenGroup'. This way the content will appear either in the target or on the screen, depending on the value of the realtiveToProp property. The 'seen' and 'notseen' states have been modified to change the value of contents 'relativeToProp' value. When the target is in view the 'seen' state sets 'relativeToProp' to [1, 0] meaning that 'content' is fully in the target node. When the target is out of view the 'notseen' state sets 'relativeToProp' to [0, 1] so that 'content' is fully in the 'screenGroup' node.

To repurpose this project, simply replace the target image, button text and Launch Web Link URL.

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