Timeline Labels

Timeline labels mark a point in time along a timeline. Labels can be used:

  • To play a timeline from a specific point
  • To fire event handlers when the timeline passes a label in either direction
  • As a convenient snap location when moving keyframes

Creating a Timeline Label

To create a timeline label simply right click on the time indicator of your timeline at the time you want the label created and select 'Add label'. After giving your label a name it will appear as a small named arrow icon along the time indicator which you can click and drag to move it around.

Editing a Timeline Label

As well as being able to drag your timeline label to a new position, you can manually set its location along the timeline more precisely by right clicking on the label and selecting 'Set label time'. This will present you with a dialog box where you can enter a specific time in milliseconds. After confirming the new time your label will move to that position.

You also have the option of deleting and renaming your timeline labels from the right click menu.

Using a Timeline Label

Playback point

Just like with nodes you can drag your timeline label into a Script node and access certain functions and events. One of the most useful is the play function, this allows you to play the timeline from the point in time at which the label is located.


Every timeline label has its own set of events which you can attach event handlers to when dragged into a Script node. This is a handy way of calling custom code when the timeline passes a certain point. The timeline label events are as follows:

Event Description
passforward Emitted when the timeline passes through the label in a forwards direction.
passbackward Emitted when the timeline passes through the label in a backwards direction.
pass Emitted when the timeline passes through the label in any direction.

Snap point

Having created a label you can use it as a snap point when dragging elements of the timeline such as keyframes, links and even the time handle. This helps give a precise level of control over how your timelines function and the transitions within them.

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