Getting Started

ZapWorks Studio allows you to create fully customizable augmented reality experiences. With support for image-, face-, and world tracking, 3D models, and custom animations, as well as the ability to create virtual and mixed reality experiences for ZapBox, Studio is our all-in-one tool.

You can download ZapWorks Studio here.

If you're new to building experiences with ZapWorks Studio, the Getting Started guide will take you through the fundamentals, though we also highly recommend taking a look at the rest of the documentation for more in-depth information on each of Studio's features. If you've completed the Getting Started guide, check out our tutorials to find out how these functionalities come together as part of a larger project.

Studio also provides built-in project templates, which allow you to quickly create experiences by swapping in your own assets to an existing project.

Our forum is a great place to visit to talk to active members of the ZapWorks community, whether it's to ask for advice or to share ideas and projects.

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