("pointerenter", (PointerPresentEvent) => void): this;

Emitted when a depressed pointer intersects with this object.



Handler Function

When the pointerenter event is fired, attached handler functions are called with a single argument, a PointerPresentEvent.


symbol.nodes.Plane.on("pointerenter", (e) => {
    // Runs when pointerenter occurs on the Plane node
    // The argument e contains useful info about this event:

    // Stores the screenPosition of the pointer [x,y]
    var pointerScreenPosition = e.screenPosition;

    // Stores the localPosition of the pointer [x,y,z], in the plane's local coordinate system
    var pointerLocalPosition = e.localPosition;

    // Stores the ID of the pointer as a number, starting at 0
    var pointerNumber = e.pointerId;

    // Stores whether or not the pointer is currently down, as a boolean
    var isPointerDown = e.pointerDown;

    // Stores whether or not the pointer is the primary pointer (the first to touch down), as a boolean
    var isPointerPrimary = e.isPrimary;
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