("pointersmove", (MultiplePointerPresentEvent) => void): this;

Emitted at most once per frame for this object. The supplied argument lists the positions of all depressed pointers intersecting the object.

An object must have multitouch(true) called before this event will be emitted.



Handler Function

When the pointersmove event is fired, attached handler functions are called with a single argument, a MultiplePointerPresentEvent.


symbol.nodes.Plane.on("pointersmove", (e) => {
    // Runs when pointersmove occurs on the Plane node
    // The argument e contains useful info about this event:

    // Stores the screenPosition of the first PointerPresentEvent [x,y]
    var firstScreenPosition = e[0].screenPosition;

    // Stores the localPosition of the first PointerPresentEvent [x,y,z]
    var firstLocalPosition = e[0].localPosition;

    // Stores the ID of the first pointer as a number, starting at 0
    var pointerNumber = e[0].pointerId;

    // Stores whether or not the first pointer is currently down, as a boolean
    var isPointerDown = e[0].pointerDown;

    // Stores whether or not the first pointer is the primary pointer (the first to touch down), as a boolean
    var isPointerPrimary = e[0].isPrimary;
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