360 Degree Panorama

This example project shows how a 3D Model can be positioned in a Photosphere with touch to rotate controls.

You can find this example project within the New Project modal in ZapWorks Studio.

Scan the zapcode below to preview the experience.

Editing the project

Follow the steps below to customize the template:

  1. Drag a new 360 photo sphere image into the Media Library of the parent.

Compatible photo sphere photos can be aquired in a number of ways: Android's camera app in "Photo Sphere" mode, 360 degree cameras such as the Ricoh Theta and Samsung Gear 360, the Internet.

  1. Select the 360 Panorama Image node in the Hieararchy.
  2. Change the 360 Image property to the 360 image previously added.

360 material property.

  1. Delete the 3D Bunny node from the Hierarchy and its subsymbol from the symbol definitions.
  2. Import your 3D model to ZapWorks Studio.
  3. Drag the resulting symbol into the Content group in the Hierarchy.

To position your 3D model in the scene, edit the 3D model transform property values. -0.5 in the Z axis will move the model in front of the starting position.

  1. Select back on the 360 Panorama Image node in the Hieararchy and change the References properties.

The 360 Panorama Image subsymbol has 5 references properties -

Property Type Description
360 Image parameter Sets the 360 image material.
Touch to Rotate boolean Sets the touch to rotate controls.
Touch Rotation Speed float Sets the speed of touch rotation (we recommend 100).
Show 360 Icon parameter Sets the visibilty of 360 icon.
Reset Rotation Button parameter Sets position of the reset rotation button.
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