Keyboard Shortcuts

ZapWorks Studio offers a number of keyboard shortcuts on both Mac and Windows to help speed up the creation process.


Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Open project Ctrl + O ⌘ + O
New project Ctrl + N ⌘ + N
Undo Ctrl + Z ⌘ + Z
Redo Shift + Ctrl + Z Shift + ⌘ + Z
Commit Ctrl + S ⌘ + S
Preview Ctrl + R ⌘ + R
Filter properties Ctrl + L ⌘ + L
Quick search Ctrl + K ⌘ + K

Press ⌘+K (MacOS) or Ctrl+K (Windows) to open Quick Search. It's a super fast way to get straight to a node, controller, state, timeline or symbol definition just by typing some of the letters of the name. Use the arrow keys to choose a result then hit the enter key to select and activate that element in Studio.

Transform Widgets

Tool Windows & Mac Shortcut
Scale X
Rotation C
Position V
Bezier* B
Region scale* N
Text* M

*Which widgets are available depends on the editable properties of the currently selected node.

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