Studio supports a number of video formats for use in your AR experiences.

ZapWorks Studio supports playback of video in three ways:

  • Full-screen streaming video - the 3D experience is paused while a full-screen video is played. The video must be hosted at a globally accessible URL.
  • External video host - e.g. linking to a YouTube or Vimeo video
  • Video texture - video playback is incorporated into the 3D video

Full-screen streaming video

The Zappar platform utilizes the operating system's underlying video support to stream full-screen video. The video must be hosted at a globally accessible URL. The following format is recommended for consistent playback across a range of devices and network connections:

  • MP4 at or around 640px by 480px
  • "Web-optimized" with the index at the start of the file
  • Audio 22.05 kHz mono at 128 kbps
  • Video should not exceed ten minutes in length.

Compatible full-screen video is launched from a script using the following line of code:


Linking to an External Video Site

Zappar's functionality for launching a web view can be used for displaying a video at an external video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo:


Video Texture

Video can be dragged into the Media Library for use as a material or skin on planes and other objects. Dragging a video file from the Media Library into the Hierarchy will automatically generate a Plane object and assign the video file as its material. For more information see the Video in the 3D View article.

Video files can be looped by calling the restart() function on them when its finish event is fired.

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