Committing and Commit History

ZapWorks Studio automatically saves your progress as you work on a project.

Key stages in development can be marked by creating commits - these record the exact state of a project at the current point in time and can be returned to in the future.

Creating a Commit

Commits are created by clicking on the commit button at the top left-hand side of ZapWorks Studio.

A message must be entered for each commit - use this to describe the changes made between this and any previous commit.

Each commit records the entire state of the project, including all subsymbols.

Reverting to a Commit

The Commit History button that can be found in the ZapWorks' menu located in the top left opens a window showing all of the previous commits in a project.

Double-clicking on a commit in the list returns the project to its state at the time of that commit.

Best Practice

It's important to commit regularly - this way you have a record of the development of a project and can undo mistakes if necessary.

Write descriptive commit messages in case it's necessary to revert to a commit in the future.

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