interface EntryRecurrence {
    frequency: Z.Calendar.Frequency,
    occurences?: number,
    end?: Date,
    interval?: number,
    weekDays?: Z.Calendar.WeekDay[],
    monthDays?: number[],
    months?: Z.Calendar.Month[],
    yearWeeks?: number[],
    yearDays?: number[]

A set of options surrounding the recurrence of an event.


Variable Type Description
frequency Z.Calendar.Frequency The frequency at which an event should occur.
occurrences number How many times the event should occur. Optional if an end has been stated.
end JavaScript Date object The last date that the event can occur. Optional if occurrences has been stated.
interval optional, number The number of each time frame (defined by frequency) between events. E.g. frequency of weekly with an interval of 2 is a fortnightly event.
weekDays optional, array of Z.Calendar.WeekDay The days of the week on which the event can occur.
months optional, array of Z.Calendar.Month The months in which the event can occur.
yearDays optional, array of numbers The days (in the year) that the event can occur.
yearWeeks optional, array of numbers The weeks (in the year) that the event can occur.


  title: "Cassini Launch Anniversary",
  start: new Date(1997, 9, 15, 4, 43), // 4:43am October 15th 1997
  end: new Date(1997, 9, 15, 5, 43), // an hour later
  recurrence: {
      frequency: Z.Calendar.Frequency.yearly,
      end: new Date(2017, 8, 15) // when to end the recurring event
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