queryStringRaw( )

queryStringRaw() : string;


The unmodified query string passed in a deep link.

The query string is everything after the ? character.

Default value: ""

Components of this query string are URL encoded. To decode these components you can use the decodeURIComponent JavaScript function. In general we recommend using the queryStringParameter(...) function as it handles parsing and decoding of the querystring automatically.


Assuming the deep link zappar://ZID?myname=Zap%20Bot&myfriend=Mark&myfriend=Connell launched this experience with ZID being the deep link of this experience we can access the query string as follows:

let decodedQueryString = decodeURIComponent(Z.device.queryStringRaw());
// "myname=Zap Bot&myfriend=Mark&myfriend=Connell" is returned and would need to be manually parsed
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