Image Tracking

This example shows how to have content tracked from an image - in this case the flyer for a restaurant.

You can find this example project within the New Project modal in ZapWorks Studio.

To learn what makes an image a good tracking image, click here.

The Project

This project contains a JPEG image of the flyer which is trained up as a target image by clicking on the Media Library's + button and selecting Train image file. The Restaurant_Flyer.jpg.zpt was can be found in the Hierarchy and various objects placed within the resulting target node. The flyer on not seen and flyer seen events are triggered when the flyer leaves the camera view and returns to view respectively. In this example they use Actions to activate states in the 'target' controller to hide and show the AR content.

To repurpose this project, simply replace the target image, button text and Launch Web Link URL.

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