Utility Functions


Utility Functions

A list of useful functions provided by the Zappar platform.

Z.after(...) Runs a function after the specified time has passed.
Z.ajax(...) Performs an AJAX request.
Z.atob(...) Decodes a Base64 string.
Z.btoa(...) Encodes a string to Base64.
Z.byTag(...) Gets an array of nodes with the given tag.
Z.currentFrameTime( ) Returns the time of the current frame in milliseconds since the experience first initialised.
Z.every(...) Runs a function repeatedly after the specified time has passed.
Z.everyOff(...) Stops a function that had been previously scheduled with Z.every(...) from being called again.
Z.getJSON(...) Retrieves a JSON document from a URL.
Z.tagCall(...) Used to call a common function on all the nodes with the given tag.

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