Tracking Objects

The Zappar for Unity package includes a number of tracking objects. These tracking objects contain everything needed to get setup quickly with the core AR functionality, such as the Zappar camera and various tracking types (Face, World, and Image).

This article is a quick showcase on how to add the Zappar tracking objects into your Hierarchy. If you'd like to find a more detailed approach on developing with the different tracking types, head over to the Tracking section and the specific tracking articles:

Adding Tracking Objects from the Zappar Menu

You can add the core Zappar tracking objects from the Zappar menu entry along the top of the main Unity toolbar.

  1. Drop-down the Zappar menu entry.
  2. Select your desired tracking object from the list.
  3. The selected object will automatically appear in your Hierarchy and Scene Viewport.

Adding tracking objects from the Zappar Menu

Once a Zappar Camera and Tracking Object is in your Hierarchy, you can start to build up your digital AR content.

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