Building a Scene

Once the main scene is setup, you can start to build up your digital AR content. This content can be imported self-made assets or content from the Unity Asset Store.

You can also start to develop more interactive, custom experiences using Unity's rich feature set. Most of Unity's in-built functionality will work in projects developed with the Zappar package without any issues or limitations.

Tracking Digital Content

To make the most of AR, you'll want to track your digital content to your chosen tracking type. The steps below showcase a simple demonstration of how this can be done.

  1. Drag content from your Asset Panel directly on top of the tracking node in the scene Hierarchy.
  2. Scale, Position and Rotate the content accordingly.

Example of an Instant Tracked 3D Model project

When you are happy with your digital content, you'll want to test and publish it. You can learn more about how to use Unity's PlayMode, how to test locally and how to publish your project, in our Testing and Publishing section.

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