Advanced Usage

You can also create and initialize an Instant World Tracker in a Unity script for greater customization. The following article shows how this can be done.

Initializing an Instant World Tracker

To track content from a point on a surface in front of the user, create a new instant tracker:

public void OnZapparInitialised(IntPtr pipeline)
    IntPtr instantTracker = Z.InstantWorldTrackerCreate( pipeline );

Instant World Tracker Anchors

Each instant tracker exposes a single anchor.

To choose the point in the user's environment that the anchor tracks from, call the InstantWorldTrackerAnchorPoseSetFromCameraOffset(...) function:

private uint orientation = Z.InstantTrackerTransformOrientation.MINUS_Z_AWAY_FROM_USER;

    0, 0, -2, orientation);

The parameters passed in to this function correspond to the X, Y and Z coordinates (in camera space) of the point to track. Choosing a position with X and Y coordinates of zero, and a negative Z coordinate, will select a point on a surface directly in front of the center of the screen.

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