This Zappar platform and Universal AR SDKs work well on the browsers that enjoy the vast majority of mobile market-share. That said, there are a number of web browsers available across the mobile and desktop device landscape.

Supported Browsers


  • Safari for iOS (version 11.3 and later)
  • Chrome for Android (versions from at least the last year)


  • Most Webkit/Blink-based web browsers for Android, including Brave (good)
  • iOS in-app web views implemented with SFSafariViewController (good)
  • Firefox for Android (good, however performance may be lower than other browsers)
  • Chrome for Mac/Windows (*)
  • Firefox for Mac/Windows (*)
  • Safari for Mac (*)

Known to not work

  • iOS in-app web views implemented with WKWebView or UIWebView - these iOS technologies do not support camera access at all and thus we're unable to support them. We hope that Apple will rectify this issue in a future iOS release.
  • Non-Safari web browsers on iOS, including Chrome, Firefox and Brave - these browsers use WKWebView due to App Store restrictions and thus do not support camera access.

* Browsers without motion sensor access (for example desktop browsers) don't support instant world tracking or attitude-based camera poses.

Detecting Browser Compatibility

To make it easy to detect if your page is running in a browser that's not supported, we've provided the browserIncompatible() and browserIncompatibleUI() functions:

 if (ZapparBabylon.browserIncompatible()) {
    throw new Error("Unsupported browser");

The browserIncompatibleUI() function shows a full-page dialog that informs the user they're using an unsupported browser, and provides a button to 'copy' the current page URL so they can 'paste' it into the address bar of a compatible alternative.

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