Useful Packages

We've created some useful packages to help with introducing functionality into your Universal AR projects. They are set up for ease of use and the articles in this section contain helpful code snippets and examples to simplify the implementation process.

ZapWorks CLI

ZapWorks provides a command line utility that helps you perform a range of augmented reality tasks, directly in the console.

WebGL Sharing

This package allows you to easily implement a snapshot save/share functionality into your WebGL applications.

Video Recorder

This library allows you to record MP4 videos of HTML canvas elements, including those with WebGL contexts.

Mobile Only

This library allows you to redirect desktop users to mobile by displaying a QR code alongside instructions for the user to follow.

Image Training

This library provides an API that takes a source image and produces a target file that can be used for tracking with Zappar's Universal AR SDKs.

Splash Screen

This package allows you to add a splash screen used for Zappar's example projects.

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