Forking the Project

You can use this library by forking our dedicated project from PlayCanvas. You can fork the Zappar project here, to get started.

Fork the Project from PlayCanvas

We also expose a beta version of this library that contains recent tweaks and updates. You can fork the beta project here.

The beta version of the library is not recommended for live projects. We regularly update it which can lead to bugs. Please rigorously test across multiple devices and browsers if you are using this version of the package.

To get started quickly using the Zappar for PlayCanvas package, you can begin with a ready to use template.

Find out more information on how to use the Zappar templates, check out the respective articles below:

We also have a number of free example projects created using our different tracking templates, coupled with other PlayCanvas specific functionality. You can find these examples at Zappar's dedicated PlayCanvas page.

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