Below you'll find a description of terminology used across the Universal AR documentation:

Term Description
Frames The individual pictures that comprise a video or that come from a webcam or phone camera.
Source The origin of frames, so a given camera or video.
Tracking The processing of frames to find and follow a position in 3D space. With this library you can track images, faces, or even points on a surface in the user's environment.
Pipeline In the Zappar library, a pipeline is used to manage the flow of data coming in (i.e. the frames) through to the output from the different tracking types and computer vision algorithms. Use of the library will typically involve creating a pipeline, attaching a camera source and some trackers, then, each frame, advancing the pipeline and drawing results on screen.
Anchor A tracked point in space, e.g. a tracked image that has appeared in the camera view, or the center of the head of a person that appears in the frame.

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