Native (iOS & Android)

To build for native applications, you can simply change the build configurations of your project to the desired platform. There are a few caveats for each of these:


At this time, the Vulkan rendering API is not supported on Android. Please adjust your player settings on Android to use OpenGLES 2.0 or 3.0.

The package requires Android 6.0 (API version 23) or later so be sure to set the Minimum API level in your player settings to match.


As the package makes use of the camera, you must set Camera Usage Description in your player settings. This text is displayed to the user when the operating system shows the camera permissions prompt.

The default graphics API on iOS is Metal, however, there may be cases where you wish to use OpenGL. If this is the case, edit the line below within the Assets/Plugins/iOS/zappar-unity.h file to prevent the Zappar library from linking against the Metal framework:

// Comment out the line below if you do not want to include support for Metal.


If you are building a Face Tracked experience (and / or if you're using the Face Mesh) for iOS you will need to add the ZCV.bundle file into the root level of your generated Xcode project. This file can be found in Assets/Zappar/ZCV.bundle. When including it into the project make sure that it is selected as a target of "Unity-iPhone" (or the relevant name of your application).

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