Instant World Tracking

The Zappar Instant Tracking Target is a 6-DoF world tracking type that allows digital content to be placed in the world space in front of the camera, without requiring any image or object target.

Instant Tracking Target

  1. Add the Zappar Instant Tracker Target into your Hierarchy.
  2. Drag and drop your digital content on top of the Instant Tracker Target in the Hierarchy.

This content should become a child of the Instant World Tracker and appear tracked to it in the viewport. During runtime, the Instant World Tracking Target will anchor your content when the user first taps on the screen. You can reset the placement by calling ResetTrackerAnchor().

This tracking is not supported in the editor PlayMode, due to lack of sensory data required for SLAM!

Instant Tracking Target Properties

Instant Tracker Target Properties

Property Description
AnchorOffsetFromCamera The Zappar Instant Tracking Target GameObject will keep the content in front of the camera using the AnchorOffsetFromCamera value until the user set the flag for UserHasPlace. AnchorOffsetFromCamera will offset the anchor position from the camera position based on the values set.
PlaceOnTouch By default, the Zappar Instant Tracking Target behaviour is mapped to user tap event (PlaceOnTouch) and this property set to true. This is optional, you can instead set the value to false call ZapparInstantTracker.PlaceTrackerAnchor to override and customize this behaviour.
MoveAnchorOnZ Move the anchor along the z-direction before it's placement, which allows to move the target along the forward facing direction of camera. The min/max Z defines how near/far away the anchor can move from camera. Note: it's only pre-placement option.

Please refer to the Advanced Usage section for further details.

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