Previewing and Publishing

Throughout development in Designer you'll want to test your experience on a mobile device. We recommend testing regularly to catch any bugs or issues that you might have accidentally added to your experience.

In the top-right hand corner of Designer there are two buttons: Preview and Publish.


Clicking the Preview button will open a Preview Modal where a test QR code and target image will be displayed.

Scanning the test QR code using a QR code scanner (built in to most native camera applications) will launch a preview of your experience. If you are creating an image-tracked experience, a modal including the target image you uploaded at the start of your Designer project will appear, which you'll need to point your device at. If you are creating a world-tracked experience, you will just be provided with your preview QR code

Preview modal for image-tracked projects.
Preview modal for world tracked projects.

Scans of preview experiences are purely for testing purpose and do not count to CPV or analytics.

The test QR code should not be used on your target image or print material as it's only activate for 5 minutes. Please use the trigger assigned to your project.


When you have tested your experience and are happy to distribute it, you can click the Publish button. This will deploy your experience to your QR code trigger. You can now share the QR code and target image (if applicable) enabling your end users to scan and launch the experience.

It is recommended that you add the QR code to your target image. To find what makes a good tracking image, check out this article

To check if the experience has been published successfully, you can find a green 'Published' indicator at the top of the scene.

Distribution Methods

Experiences developed using Designer are built to target WebAR. All Designer experiences will launch into a splash screen which will prompt users to enable permissions when the launch button is tapped. This splash screen can be either Zappar branded, Lite branded or an Enhanced WebAR Distribution.

Zappar branded / Lite branded / Custom branded

The Lite branded splash screen is only available on Pro and Enterprise plans. To gain access to this feature, you can upgrade your ZapWorks subscription here.

The Enhanced WebAR Distribution is available as an add on to your subscription. Enterprise users can can request a call with a member of the sales team to run through the features of this distribution method here:

To learn how to configure your distribution method / splash screen for your Designer experience, head over to our WebAR Distribution Methods article.

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