AR Web Embed

This feature is only available on our Business plans.

AR Web Embed is a trigger type that allows you to easily embed your ZapWorks Designer projects into a website.

Designer Project embedded in website

Once you’ve embedded your ZapWorks Designer project into your website, it will appear as an inline 3D component. Users can interact with the component by rotating, zooming, panning, and dragging the content inside the scene

Pan, zoom and rotate within the iframe

Experience in AR

When users tap the AR button on desktop, a QR code will appear enabling users to scan and launch the experience on their mobile browser.

Clicking the AR button on desktop

When users tap the AR button on mobile , it will automatically trigger the WebAR experience in a new tab.

Clicking the AR button on a mobile device

Ready to begin embedding your Designer projects? Continue reading our in-depth documentation.

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