Screen UI

Screen UI is a Designer mode that allows you to fix Components to your screen in 2D space. It’s great for creating menus, consistent branding, and much more.

You can see our Screen UI Examples for inspiration.

By fixing the UI components to the screen, you can separate them from the main tracked content in the AR experience. This means you can offer a better user experience than if these components were a central part of the 3D scene.

Using Screen UI Mode effectively

Switching between AR mode and Screen UI mode is simple. Click on the phone icon in the Context Bar to launch Screen UI mode. This will overlay a representation of a phone screen layer on top of your 3D scene. The screen layer will act as a canvas, to which you can drag and drop components onto.

Choosing AR or Screen UI mode

To get started on enhancing your AR experiences with Screen UI, continue reading our documentation.

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