Project Templates

Zapworks Designer provides a number of project templates, accessible from the New Project modal.

These include projects which demo certain functionalities, as well as templates that can be modified by swapping in your own assets.

Getting started with Project Templates

Below is a list of each Designer project template, categorized by tracking type:

World Tracked Templates

Title Description
Rocket Game Multiple choice quiz functionality, showcasing scenes and transitions.
Onboarding (L&D) Showcase of an employee onboarding experience.
Animated Avatar World tracked animated 3D avatar (Ready Player Me).
Drink Promo Visualise a product in world tracked space.
Multiple Animations Play multiple 3D animations activated on button taps.
Product Hotspots Visualise and interact with a product via hotspots.
3D Model (World) Simple experience containing a world tracked 3D model.
Headphones Promo Visualise your product in an immersive experience.
Expanding Watch Animated product that expands when you tap.
Guitar Shop Promo AR-enabled marketing material for a guitar store.

Image Tracked Templates

Title Description
Guitar Shop Promo AR-enabled marketing material for a fictional guitar store. Includes world tracked view.
Collectable Card Track an animated object to a collectable card.
3D Model (Image) Simple experience containing an image tracked 3D model.
Business Card Track AR to your business card and make it pop.

Face Tracked Templates

Title Description
Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt using multiple tracking types to navigate. Includes world and image tracked scenes.
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