Supported Formats

Zapworks Designer supports 3D models in the following formats:

  • .glb
  • .glTF
  • Embedded .glTF

Regardless of the 3D model format, models created for Zapworks Designer must adhere to the limitations outlined below.

3D Model File Size

Designer supports models that have a file size less than 20MB. To keep in this file size limit, we recommend trying to keep the polygon count for all 3D models below 100K.

There are a number of online tools available to compress and reduce the file size of your 3D models, such as glTF Report.


3D models containing animations are supported. To learn more about how to play animations in Designer, click here.

We've created a handy export guide to help make sure your 3D assets import as seamlessly as possible, click here to learn more.

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