Navigating the UI

ZapWorks Designer is made up of a number of different panels, each of which are essential when developing experiences.

The image below showcases the main Designer UI elements, with the fundamental panels highlighted.

Designer Panels

Continue reading the article to learn more about what each of these panels do.

Components Panel (1)

Section Description
Button Select from a range of basic buttons to add to your scene.
Text Choose from preset themed and hierarchy based text objects.
Image Add an image from your media library to your scene, or upload a new image from your device.
Video Add a video from your media library to your scene, or upload a new video from your device.

Scene Manager Panel (2)

This scene manager panel alters the properties of the scenes in your project. Here you can find:

Section Description
Scene Selector Select which scene is currently displayed in the viewport.
Rename Scene Change the name of your scene by selecting on your scene name, or via the burger menu, on the scene selection menu.
Add Scene Adds another scene to your project.
Duplicate Scene Duplicates the scene that is currently being viewed.

You can find more information on editing your scenes here.

Project Properties (3)

The project properties section is for making changes to your overall project. Here you can find:

Section Description
Upload Target Image Upload the image you wish for your project to be tracked to.
Background Sound Add some background sound that plays when a user views your experience.
Scene Properties Edit the name and view the content of the scene
Scene Transitions Add a transition that plays when you move between scenes.
Zoom Determines how zoomed in or out the scene viewport is.

Action Bar (4)

The Action Bar contains admin functions for your project. Here you can find:

Section Description
Send Feedback Fill out a feedback form to let us know what you think of Designer.
Undo/Redo Undo or redo any changes you have made to your project.
Collaborators Shows the users that are currently editing the project.
Preview Generates a temporary ZapCode to preview your Designer project.
Publish Publishes your project so anyone with the project trigger to access your project.

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