This video will show how quick and easy it is to add an AR Web Embed to your Framer site.

You don't need the AR Web Embed iframe code for Framer, you can use your project's Deep link URL. However, you must still create an AR Web Embed trigger for it to work.

Getting started with AR Web Embed and Framer

Step by Step

  1. While you're in your project dashboard within the Zapworks CMS, create a new trigger and select Deep link.

    Creating a Deep link trigger

  2. Copy the Deep link trigger URL.

    Copying the Deep link trigger

  3. In the Framer editor, on the left of the top menu panel, click on + Insert . Enter Embed in the search bar, then drag the embed component onto your page.

    Adding the embed component

  4. In the Embed Settings panel, scroll down to the Embed section. Make sure URL is selected, paste in your Designer project's Deep link URL, and then press enter.

    Adding the Designer projects Deep link url

  5. You can change the size of the embed component by dragging its adjustment points or using the size property in the embed settings panel.

    Changing embed size

  6. Once you’re happy with the size and look of your embed, click the Play button at the top right of the editor to preview your page and interact with the embed.

    Clicking preview button

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