This video will show how quick and easy it is to add an AR Web Embed to your Wix site.

Getting started with AR Web Embed and Wix

Step by Step

  1. In the Wix editor click on the + icon on the left-hand menu panel to add a new element.

    Adding a new element

  2. Scroll down to Embed Code and then click on Embed HTML to add it to your page.

    Adding embed html

  3. You will then see a settings window appear with space to paste in your AR Web Embed iframe code. Paste it in and click enter.

    Wix embed html element settings

  4. Your Designer project is now embedded on your Wix page and you can resize and adjust the Wix embed element to your liking. If you want to manually change the iframe size, you can change the width and height properties of the iframe code.

    Resizing the Wix iframe element

  5. Once you're happy with the look and size of your embed you can click Preview at the top right of the editor to see it in action.

    Ready to preview

  6. That is how quick and easy it is to embed your Designer project on a Wix page using AR Web Embed.

    Previewing your embed

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