Designer includes easy to use Text components. These text components are perfect for displaying information to your user.

Designer includes headings, subheadings and paragraphs, giving you full control over the appearance of the text in your scene. There are also a number of well known fonts in the text themes section. Text themes can be assigned to headings, subheadings and paragraphs.

Adding Text

To add a text component to your scene, select the text icon from the Components Panel and drag the desired text onto your canvas.

Editing Text

When you select your text in the canvas, the properties are editable via the Properties Panel.

Here, you can edit the following:

Option Description
Transforms Edit the size (Width/Height), position (X/Y Co-ordinates) and rotation (Degree) of your text object.
Order Move your text forward and backwards relative to other objects in your scene.
Mirror Flips the text on the X or Y axis.
Text Changes the text displayed.
Action Add an on tap action.
Appearance Edit the text font, height, colour, and alignment.
Transition Add an entrance or exit transition.
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