Designer includes easy to use Text components. These text components are perfect for displaying information to your user.

Designer includes headings, subheadings and paragraphs, giving you full control over the appearance of the text in your scene. There are also a number of well known fonts in the text themes section. Text themes can be assigned to headings, subheadings and paragraphs.

Adding Text

To add a Text component to your scene, select the Text icon from the Components Panel and drag the desired text onto your canvas.

Adding a Text component to an AR scene

Editing Text

When you select your text in the canvas, the properties are editable via the Properties Panel.

Editing a Text component in an AR scene

Here, you can edit the following:

Property Description
Transforms Edit the Size (Width and Height), Position (X/Y/Z coordinates), and Rotation (degrees on the X/Y/Z axes) of the Text. You can also change the component's layer Order (forwards or backwards) relative to other scene components.
Curve Add a curve to the Text and choose whether its curve direction is None, In or Out, as well as the degree of Curvature. You can also have it Wrap around a curved target if there is one present. See the Curved Image Tracking documentation for more.
Text Customize how the Text is displayed, including its Font, Font weight (if font supports it), Height, Color and Alignment.
Actions Create interactivity by adding an on tap Action to the Text.
Transition Effects Add an Enter or Exit transition effect to the Text.

To learn how to add interactivity to Text components, check out our Actions article.

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