Microsoft Clarity

Integrating Microsoft Clarity into a Zapworks Designer project supplements and enhances the data gathered from Zapworks Analytics. Monitoring web traffic using Microsoft Clarity can help make data-driven decisions easier by identifying user behaviour such as dwell time, brand engagement and interaction habits.

For an introduction to Microsoft Clarity, please take a look at the Guide to Setup and Installing Clarity documentation from Microsoft.

Adding Microsoft Clarity to Designer projects

Setting up Microsoft Clarity in Zapworks Designer

To set up analytics for your ZapwWorks Designer project, you must have a tracking ID. Please see the guide below to learn how to find your project's tracking ID.

Adding your project to Microsoft Clarity: Step-by-step

The following section describes how you can add your project to Microsoft Clarity and find your tracking ID.

  1. Go to Microsoft Clarity and sign in.

Signing in to Microsoft Clarity

  1. Create a new project by clicking on the + New Project button.

Creating a new Microsoft Clarity project

  1. Enter a Name and Website URL for your new project. When you are done, click on Add new project.

Inputting a Name and Website URL for a Microsoft Clarity project

  1. Click on Settings to find your Project ID. This is the tracking ID intended for use in Zapworks Designer.
Finding your Project ID in Microsoft Clarity
  1. Once you have copied your Project ID, go to and open up your project in Zapworks Designer. Find the Project Properties panel, to the right of the canvas.

The Project Properties panel in Zapworks Designer

  1. Click on the Analytics menu option.

Clicking on the Analytics menu option

  1. Click on the Choose provider drop-down and select Microsoft Clarity.

Clicking on the Choose provider drop-down

  1. Enter your Project ID into the tracking ID input box, and click Save.

Entering the relevant tracking ID into the Choose provider input box

You may add more than one analytics provider to your project.

  1. Click on Publish in the top right of the navigation to publish your project and start sending analytics to your Microsoft Clarity dashboard.

Publishing the experience

Analytics will not be logged when you preview your experience. To start logging data, your project must first be published.

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