Importing 3D Models

To import a 3D model into your ZapWorks Designer scene, first select the 3D icon on the Components Panel to open the 3D Models Panel.

Then select a 3D model from the list or import your own by either selecting Browse from computer or dragging the model files into the open 3D Models Panel.

If you have a folder containing the model, texture and bin files then we recommend dragging and dropping the whole folder into the 3D Models Panel where they will automatically assign and import.

Drag to import
Import from files

Before importing a 3D model into Designer, make sure it adheres to our supported formats and requirements.

If your model is missing texture files, a modal will appear. Drag the missing files into the dropbox to auto assign them to the correct texture file.

Missing Textures Modal

Once imported, head over to the Using 3D article, to learn more about how to navigate the 3D scene and modify your model.

If you are struggling to find 3D assets for your project, then check out the following sites for inspiration and model downloads:

By default, the media library also includes 70+ preloaded 3D models to use in your projects.

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