Playing Animations

ZapWorks Designer supports 3D models containing animations. In this guide, we'll show you the different methods in which you can play these animations and add interactivity to your experience.

Playing an Idle Animation

Setting an idle animation will enable a 3D model to play one of its embedded animations without any interaction from a user.

Idle animations loop forever and play when no other animations are triggered.

To set an idle animation, click on a 3D model and go to the Project Properties panel. Once this has been done, click on the dropdown menu to assign an idle animation from the list of your 3D model's embedded animations.

Playing Animations via Actions

3D model animations can be played using the Animate Model on tap action. If assigned, Buttons, Text, Image and 3D components can play 3D model animations when a user interacts with the experience.

The Animate Model on tap action will allow you to select a specific 3D model if there are multiple in your scene. You can also assign a particular animation if your 3D model is embedded with more than one.

Animate Model On Tap Action
Animate Model Loop Animation

If you would like your animation to restart once it has finished, find the Loop section and check the Forever box to indefinitely restart the animation. Alternatively, you can set a definite value for the Count in order to play the animation a set number of times.

Once you are happy with your animation, click Save to submit and set the Action.

Failing to click Save will unset the Action.

To learn more about actions, see our dedicated Actions article.

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