Native Apps

As well as WebAR, you are able to distribute your ZapWorks project through the Zappar and Zapbox apps:

Zappar App

Available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS)

Recommended trigger(s): zapcodes

The Zappar app allows users to experience your AR content on either of the two major mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

Due to the initial app download required, the Zappar app works well when there are multiple experiences for the end-user to scan in a semi-controlled environment e.g. a museum tour, scavenger hunt in a store, etc.

With support for all tracking types, and with the boost in performance offered due to being a native app, the Zappar app is also well suited for resource-intensive experiences.

Experiences such as our Exploded View - Eyeball, World Tracking Interior Design and Archery Game offer the best performance through the Zappar app.

Please note that experiences built using our Universal AR SDKs or the Designer tool are not able to be deployed to the Zappar app

ZapBox App

Available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS)

ZapBox is our mixed reality app, which allows users to experience fully immersive experiences built with ZapWorks Studio.

While ZapBox experiences are published to zapcode triggers, these must be scanned from within the ZapBox app.

For more information on creating ZapBox experiences check out our ZapBox documentation

Custom Solutions

ZapWorks users on any of our Business plans have access to additional custom solutions, outlined below:

  • Zappar SDK: embed Zappar's scanning technology into your existing app, allowing you to scan zapcodes without the Zappar app.
  • White label app: let Zappar's app development team build a branded app for you, including our SDK.
  • Custom codes: replace the standard zapcode design with your own branding or logo.
  • Branded WebAR site: replace the standard Zappar WebAR splash screen with your own brand's imagery.

For more information on any of these custom solutions please get in touch with us.

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