Workspace Plans

A Zapworks workspace is comprised of projects created on the workspace (including their triggers and analytics data), the users belonging to the workspace, the distribution methods assigned and the subscription plan.

An example workspace on the Zapworks CMS

Workspaces require a live subscription in order for projects to remain active. We offer a selection of plans to cater to your needs.

All plans provide access to all of our AR-creation tools (i.e. Mattercraft, Designer, Studio and Universal AR) but differ in the workspace-level features that they have access to; including, but not limited to:

  • The number of views per year included in the plan
  • The type of support provided
  • The number of team members that can be added to the workspace

Views were previously referred to as 'scans' or 'engagements' and are defined as each time an experience is launched via one of its triggers. If a workspace's views allowance (as per its plan) is exceeded, it is automatically enrolled onto a CPV (cost per view) overage schedule.

A full list of features and prices can be found below:

Feature Starter Pro Enterprise Education
Billing Period Monthly or yearly Monthly or yearly Talk to us* Yearly
Team Members 1 3 Talk to us* 2+ educators, 15+ students
Additional Team Members (per year) X Talk to us* Talk to us* Talk to us*
Views per year 1200 12,000 Talk to us* 12,000
Additional Views (per thousand) Talk to us* Talk to us* Talk to us* Talk to us*
Support Level Forum Forum + Email Priority Forum
Dedicated customer success manager X X X
Security Standard Standard Enterprise Standard
SSO setup fee X Talk to us* Talk to us* X
SSO license fee X Talk to us* Talk to us* X
Access to Add-ons
Access to Training

*Custom pricing available on request. Get in touch so we can build the right plan for you!

Universal AR Hosting

Feature Starter Pro Enterprise Education
Zappar hosting – file size per project Up to 25MB Up to 50MB Up to 75MB+ Up to 25MB
Self-hosted X X X
Additional domains (per year) X X Talk to us* X
Views (self-hosted) X X 100k / year X
Additional views X X Talk to us* X

WebAR launch screen | Studio & Designer

Feature Starter Pro Enterprise Education
Fully Zappar branded
Lite Zappar branded X X
Fully white-label X X X

Training and Onboarding

We also offer a number of Zapworks Training packages to kickstart your AR journey.

Zapworks Training takes your team from a standing start and equips them with the skills they need. Training is charged as an additional one time cost and is recorded and added to your workspace once completed.

Click here to learn more and book in your Zapworks Training today!


Zapworks' optional add-ons provide access to additional workspace-level features not available on a standard plan. The add-ons listed below are available on all workspaces for an additional fee and are billed annually.

Add-on Description
Native Zappar SDK Embed Zappar's scanning technology into your existing native app.
White label app Have Zappar's App Development Team build a branded app for you, including our native app SDK.
Branded Zapcodes Replace the standard Zapcode design with your own branding or logo.
Branded WebAR page Replace the standard Zappar WebAR splash screen with your own brand's imagery.

For more information on any of the add-ons listed above, please contact us.

Enterprise Plan

In addition to a greater view-per-year allowance, Enterprise users also benefit from the following:

Enterprise Feature Description
Enterprise-level support Access to bespoke and personalized Priority Support.
Custom password policies Greater customization and control over user password access.
Granular team management Add or remove team members, as well as customize user roles and permissions.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Consistent quarterly performance reviews and success strategy with your Customer Success Manager.
Additional team member discount Discounted rates for any additional team members included to your workspace.
Bulk purchase views Bulk-purchase additional views prior to reaching your Cost Per View (CPV) limit.
Self-hosting privileges The ability to self-host Mattercraft, Designer, or Universal AR sites on your own server.

For queries regarding our enterprise plans, please get in touch with our customer success team.

Educational Use

Members of educational institutions (i.e. colleges, universities, schools, etc.) who will be creating content as part of the curriculum can create an Education workspace, available at a discounted cost.

Education workspaces have two types of members that can be added:

Team Member Description
Educator By default, Educators have Admin workspace-level permissions, allowing them to view and access projects across the entire workspace.
Student Student members have a stricter set of permissions, limiting their access to only projects they have created themselves.

For more information, check out the permissions section from the team management article.


For personal use (i.e. non-commercial use), feel free to create a free Hobbyist workspace.

The Hobbyist workspace allows you to create five (5) free projects as standard; with the ability to purchase additional projects at a later date should you wish.

You can create a Hobbyist workspace even if you're already a part of a Business or Education workspace.

To switch between the currently active workspace, click your workspace name from the top left and choose your desired workspace from the pop-up menu.

Switching workspaces on the Zapworks CMS


How does the free trial work?

The Zapworks free trial offers users 14 days to evaluate whether our AR toolkit is right for your business. You should not use the Zapworks free trial for public facing projects, instead you should switch to a paid plan if you wish to do so.

What happens when my trial ends?

Once your trial is over, all your projects will be unpublished and your triggers will no longer show content when scanned. We recommend that you upgrade to a plan before your trial is over to ensure that this does not happen.

What happens if my plan runs out?

If you come to the end of your subscription and don't renew, your projects will become inactive and you'll have limited access to your workspace. You can reactivate a lapsed plan at anytime, by logging back into your workspace and selecting Upgrade.

When do I get billed?

All Zapworks plans are paid in advance, either on a monthly or annual billing cycle. All plans will automatically renew at the end of the billing cycle, so please make sure you cancel your plan before your subscription renews if you no longer wish to continue.

Can I upgrade my Hobbyist workspace to a paid plan?

As Hobbyist workspaces are meant for personal use, they can't be upgraded to a Business or Education plan. You'll need to create a new Business workspace, which comes with a 14-day

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