Supported Devices

The ZapWorks suite of AR development tools has a number of different platforms and devices, most of which are supported without any compatability and/or performance issues. You'll find below, a list of the different applications, platforms, and version types we know work across the board.

Zappar App

Hardware OS
Android 4.1 and later
iPhone (iOS) iOS 8.0 and later
iPad (iOS) iPadOS 8.0 and later
iPod touch (iOS) iOS 8.0 and later


AR projects built using the ZapWorks suite of tools can be run directly in the default mobile browser, this is known as WebAR. While the Zappar platform and Universal AR SDKs work well on the browsers that enjoy the vast majority of mobile market-share, there are a number of web browsers available across the mobile and desktop device landscape which may have some caveats.

Slow performance or crashes when using WebAR either means the experience requires optimisation or that other apps and tabs are open on the device, using up valuable memory.

WebAR Browsers

Browser Version OS Performance
Safari (iOS) version 11.3 and later Best
Google Chrome (Android) versions from at least the last year Best
Most Webkit/Blink-based web browsers, including Brave (Android) N/A Good
Most third-party web browsers (iOS) iOS 14.3 and later Good
In-app web views implemented with SFSafariViewController (iOS) iOS 14.3 and later Good
In-app web views implemented with WKWebView (iOS) iOS 14.3 and later Good
Firefox (Android) n/a Good, performance may be lower than other browsers
Google Chrome (Mac/Windows) N/A *
Firefox (Mac/Windows) N/A *
Safari (Mac) N/A *
In-app web views implemented with WKWebView prior (iOS) Prior to iOS 14.3 Bad
In-app web views implemented with the deprecated UIWebView component (iOS) N/A Bad
Non-Safari web browsers on iOS, including Chrome, Firefox and Brave (iOS) Prior to iOS 14.3 Bad

* Browsers without motion sensor access (for example desktop browsers) don't support instant world tracking or attitude-based camera poses.

WebAR Devices

Hardware OS
Most Android devices from 2016 and later N/A
iPhone 6s and later (iOS) N/A
iPad Air 2 and later (iOS) N/A

ZapWorks Studio

Mininum System Specifications:

  • Win 7 or later
  • MacOS Yosemite or later.

ZapWorks Designer

ZapWorks Designer is a browser-based tool and will work well on most recent browsers. We recommend Chrome (63+), Safari (11.1+) or Firefox (67+).

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