QR Codes

QR codes are the ideal trigger for launching an AR experience into WebAR.

Currently, only the Zappar WebAR platform can scan QR codes natively.

Scanning a QR code will prompt the user to navigate to the experience's Deep Link URL. If the QR code targets a native app that is not installed on the end user's device, the user will be redirected to the app store to download it.

The default camera app on iOS devices has a built-in QR code reader. While the same is true for some Android devices, others may require a third-party app. Zappar's WebAR platform also has the ability to scan QR codes.

Including an experience's QR code on a print material can serve as a call to action, though its inclusion has no effect on the stability of image-tracked experiences.

Customing your QR Code

In order to understand QR code design limitations, please note the following:

  • The individual white and black squares on a QR code are known as modules.
  • The three larger squares located in the corners of a QR code indicate the orientation from which the QR code should be scanned.

Customized QR designs must adhere to the following:

  • The code should not be inverted, as it makes it difficult for QR code readers to scan.
  • A QR code must have a safe area of at least 4 modules in length around it on the image it sits on.
  • There must be sufficient contrast between the background and foreground of a QR code.
  • If the color of the QR code is changed, black modules should be kept a darker hue and white modules a lighter one.

An example of a customised QR code. Not scannable.

QR codes have an error-correction feature that allows data to be restored if the code is dirty or damaged.

QR codes generated by ZapWorks are 26 x 26 modules, with an Error Handling Level of L (7%).

While third-party QR code generators may offer additional customization options, we recommend increasing the error handling level to H (30%) if doing so to allow for more modules to be damaged yet readable.

To generate a QR code from an external site you will need a project's deep link. A deep link trigger can be added to a project from the Triggers tab.

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