In this section, you'll find information on managing your workspace, updating your team members, upgrading your plan, and managing your billing information, all from the ZapWorks dashboard.

You'll also find a detailed description of how Cost Per View (CPV) is calculated for your workspace's current plan here.

Top Left-Hand Navigation

Top left-hand navigation of the ZapWorks workspace

The left-hand navigation changes the main view of your workspace dashboard. Here you can find:

Section Description
Workspaces Switch between your workspaces; as well as start a new Business, Education, or Hobbyist workspace.
Projects View all of your projects. Your workspace is on this section by default.
Analytics Stats dashboard that provides aggregated data in near real-time. That data can be segmented into all projects, projects grouped by labels or individual projects.
Team Invite additional users, remove existing ones, and set permissions per-user. Not available on Hobbyist or Starter plans.
Distribution Hub Manage both your WebAR splash screens for Designer and Studio projects, and your Universal AR licenses.
Downloads & SDKs Download the latest version of ZapWorks studio and our Universal AR SDKs.
Training Book your official ZapWorks training, find out when your training is scheduled, and access recordings of your previous sessions.
App Embed Manage your app-embeds, download the embed-components, and generate new API keys.
Workspace Settings Manage your plan type, change your billing details, edit your password policy, and alter the properties of your workspace. For more information on this section, check out our other workspace articles.

You can only create one Hobbyist workspace per ZapWorks user.

User Settings

User settings found to the top right of the ZapWorks workspace

Your user settings can be found in the top-right hand corner of your workspace. These user settings are personal to your individual ZapWorks users. Here you can find:

Section Description
User Settings Change your personal details (name, password etc.), country, and third party logins.
Media Library Access all of the media files that you have uploaded to your workspace, when they were uploaded, and if you are using them in any of your projects.
Notifications Settings Manage the notifications you receive from ZapWorks for the latest updates on our tools, SDKs, and much more.
Logout Log your user out of ZapWorks.

Bottom-Left Navigation

Bottom left-hand navigation of the ZapWorks workspace

The bottom-left navigation is again specific to your individual ZapWorks user. Here you can find:

Section Description
What's New Find out the latest updates from ZapWorks on our tools, SDKs, and much more.
Learn and Support Our learning and support hub. Find useful documentation, getting started tutorials, the ZapWorks forum, and our support contact form.

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