Depending on the plan currently active on your workspace, there are a number of Zapworks support channels available.

Support Type Developer Pro Enterprise Education
Community Discord support
Standard support X X
Priority support X X X
Access to training X

For general account support, feel free to contact the support team, regardless of your plan.

Community Discord

Join the largest and most active community of Zapworks users by going to our Zappar XR Pioneers Discord. All users, regardless of plan, are able to request help from other Zapworks users, ask questions, and find useful tips to get started on your projects.

Occasionally, members of the Zappar team will be on-hand to answer questions but, as a community support channel, the Discord is not monitored as closely as the official support channel.

Standard support

Users on a workspace with a Pro plan are able to contact the Zapworks support team directly at

Standard support constitutes assistance with general enquiries about the use of the tools (i.e. not related to a specific project), and to assist users with finding relevant resources available on the documentation site.

Standard support contact times are between 09:30 and 15:00 (GMT) from Monday to Friday, with a guaranteed response within 48 hours.

Priority support

Users on a workspace with an Enterprise plan are able to contact the Zapworks support team directly at

Enterprise users have access to priority support in which the team are able to take a look at specific projects to troubleshoot or advise on any issues or best practice. Where possible, the team will also provide examples for certain functionalities.

Priority support contact times are between 09:30 and 18:00 (GMT) from Monday to Friday, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Contacting support

To contact the Zapworks support team, you can send an email to All support is provided in English.

When contacting the team, please be sure to provide as many of the following as relevant to speed up resolution times:

  • A detailed description of the issue.
  • Screenshots, images, or videos if possible.
  • The URL of the experience (either project page or direct experience).
  • For Studio experiences, the project ZPP file.
  • The project trigger (e.g. a Zapcode, QR code, Deep Link).
  • If applicable, the target image the experience is tracked to.
  • For account queries, the user and account name experiencing the issue.


I'm having account issues, can I still contact someone?

Yes. The above tiers of support are related to technical assistance with our software and/or platform.

For general account issues, for example changing country of residence on the account, feel free to contact the team.

Can I purchase training if I don't have access to support?

Zapworks Training paths are available to all Zapworks users. You can find out more information on the different courses we offer, and their content, on our training page.

How do I report an issue/bug to the team?

To report an issue, please send a detailed description, with screenshots if possible, to

You can also report bugs in the relevant channels in our community Discord.

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