Billing Information

Workspace admins are able to view and amend billing information from the workspace settings page.

ZapWorks subscriptions auto-renew, meaning the default payment card on the workspace will be charged at the end of the current billing cycle.

Payments via prepaid credit cards are not accepted.

Adding a payment card

Additional payment cards can be added to a workspace via the Change Card option. While filling out the card details, you'll also be able to select whether to make this the new default card.

Please ensure your billing address perfectly matches the one on your card to avoid any errors.

Removing payment card

To remove a payment card simply click on the deletion icon next to the card entry.

If there are no cards on the workspace during the auto-renewal process, or if payment fails, the system will attempt payment again a further three times at three-day intervals before setting the workspace to read-only.

Inactive workspaces can be recovered by purchasing a ZapWorks plan.

Accessing invoices

An invoice can be downloaded from the Transaction Log by clicking on the settings button, and select Download PDF.

By default, the owner of the workspace will receive an invoice after all purchases.


If your business is registered in the UK or EU, you can add your VAT number to exclude VAT/ Sales Tax from your purchase.

Businesses outside of the UK will be charged VAT at a rate of 20%.

EU-based businesses will be charged at the local VAT/ Sales Tax rate instead.

Businesses based elsewhere in the world are not charged tax on their purchase.


Why haven't I received an invoice?

Invoices and other important emails are sent from Please be sure to whitelist our email address in your email client and send the invoice again with the steps mentioned above.

If the invoice still fails to come through, please get in touch with the support team.

Can I pay for my plan via an invoice?

We are able to take payment for annual pro licenses and enterprise licenses via invoice. If you wish to pay for your subscription this way, please contact us.

What happens if my auto-renewal payment fails?

Payment failure may be caused by a number of issues e.g. insufficient funds, expired payment card, etc. For a more detailed description on why a payment failed please contact your card provider.

If your first payment attempt fails, our system will automatically re-attempt payment from the default card a further three times at three-day intervals. Email reminders are sent each time a payment is attempted.

If the final payment attempt fails, the workspace's subscription will be cancelled and all projects will be unpublished. You can find our more on this in our Plan Management article.

For any issues with payment please contact the support team.

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